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Hi everyone, I’m Chris from Fast Lane Academy. If you’ve never heard of me which is quite possible, I’m a 7 figure Amazon seller. I’ve been selling on Amazon for over 6 years and today I’m going to save you from disaster by showing you the top 10 products you should never sell on Amazon.

Now before we get started, the reason why you shouldn’t sell most of these products is because of the high competition and little to no profit margins. But I threw a couple of products in there that have too much liability or inventory storage risks. I’m going to explain everything so let’s jump over to Amazon and get started.

So let me show you the metrics I’m using to determine how awful most of these product choices are from a profit margin perspective so you know this isn’t just my personal opinion or that I’m just pulling these out of a hat.

If you haven’t seen my other YouTube video on how to sell on Amazon, you should definitely check that out because I show you step by step how to do this and where to get the tools for doing these calculations. I’m not going to go over all of that again here but if you don’t believe me, I’ve left a link to the Helium 10 software below this video if you want to go out there and get it and check these calculations for yourself.

But what I’ve done is add up all of the costs involved in sourcing, shipping and selling these products on Amazon, minus the average selling price of the top 10 organically ranked products on Amazon and determining what the net profits would be that you would be left with if you were to sell this product.

The scary thing is that if you’ve watched any outdated YouTube videos on how to sell on Amazon or source products to sell on Amazon, you’ve probably seen some of these products being recommended to sell, which would be disastrous.

Anyway, here we go and not necessarily in any order of importance because all 10 are terrible product choices.