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How To Downgrade Your Amazon Seller Account

In this post, I’m going to show you how to downgrade your Amazon seller account from the professional selling plan to the individual plan in less than 3 minutes.

But before we do that, I want to caution you about doing this. If you downgrade your Amazon seller account, you can lose some privileges that you might not get back later if you decide to upgrade back to the pro plan.

Most sellers want to downgrade their Amazon seller account because sales are slow or perhaps non-existent. The pro plan costs $40 per month and the individual plan costs nothing. However, Amazon charges you $1 per item you sell when you are on the individual plan.

If you are selling more than 40 items per month, you should stay on the pro plan. If not, you should consider either selling your Amazon seller account which might be worth several thousand dollars or downgrading to the individual plan if you plan on continuing to sell on Amazon in the future.

However, if you downgrade and decide to go back to the pro plan later, Amazon often places a reserve on your payments. If so, that means you won’t get your full payout from Amazon every 2 weeks as you did before.

These reserves or holds on your funds can often remain in place for several months and sometimes longer.

So be aware of that before downgrading. If you plan to sell your Amazon seller account later, this will also diminish the value significantly.

If you decide to downgrade your Amazon seller account, here are the 3 steps to do that.

  1. After logging into Seller Central, look for the gear or settings icon in the top right corner, hover over it and click on the Account Info link.
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2. On the Account Info screen, look on the left side at the section titled Your Services. You will see a blue link that reads Manage. Click on that link.

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3. In the first section titled Selling On Amazon, you will see your plan which will be the professional selling plan. At the bottom of that section will be a blue link that reads Downgrade. Just click that link, confirm that is what you wish to do and you are all set.

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If you would like to find out what your account is worth to possibly sell it, just click the button below to learn more about how the process works.

You can also submit your information online and receive a cash offer by email or text within 24 hours of submission.