When Amazon sellers are ready to move on to bigger and better things, their first inclination is to close or cancel their seller account. This is a huge mistake because just like you can sell a profitable business, you can sell your seller account, even if your Amazon business was never profitable.

It is a far better option than just closing your account and walking away with nothing and is 100% safe and secure. 

Depending on the age of the account and number of seller feedback ratings, it could be worth several thousand dollars. Even newer accounts are usually worth a few hundred dollars so you should always get your account appraised to see what it is worth and get paid typically within 24-48 hours.


So how do these buyers and sellers connect? There is a private investor that buys and sells Amazon seller accounts. So before you cancel or delete your account, you might want to consider getting a cash offer for yours rather than just deleting your account, walking away and getting nothing.

Disclaimer: When making any major business decision such as opening, operating or closing a business, you should consult a licensed business attorney for legal advice. Fast Lane Academy does not offer legal advice and the information on this page or website should not be construed as such and used only for informational purposes. Now that the legal disclaimer is out of the way, how do you get in touch with this investor to find out how much your seller account is worth?

First, if your seller account has a large amount of negative feedback from buyers and/or recent performance notifications that has put your account at risk for suspension, then it can still be sold but will only be worth a few hundred dollars at best. And of course, if your account has been suspended by Amazon, it is not able to be sold.

If your account is in good standing, even if it has been dormant for a while, then it is probably quite valuable. 


We wanted to perform an experiment for a case study so we contacted a few individuals we knew that had stopped selling on Amazon a while back. They never closed their accounts so those accounts were still open and able to continue selling with.

When we told them that they might be able to sell their accounts, all 3 were quite excited about the opportunity. After locating the private investor that buys them through some close contacts in the business, we provided them with his contact details.

We let them complete the online form, get a cash offer and be mindful of security during the process. We asked them to report back to us with the details of their experiences so we could share them with our readers.

After a few days, all 3 had successfully sold their accounts for a few thousand dollars each and were quite elated. All of their seller accounts were several years old with a few hundred seller feedback ratings, which made them more valuable and they explained the process to us.

They submitted some basic information about their account through an online form. He then made an offer within 24 hours to purchase the account, verified that their accounts were legitimate and paid them. Once they confirmed receipt of the funds, their sensitive information was removed, replaced with the new info that he provided them with and the transfer process initiated.

This made the entire process 100% safe and secure.

From start to finish, it only took a few days to complete. When they reported their similar experiences back to us, we were quite surprised at how easy and quickly the entire process went. When questioned about the security of the transaction, they all mentioned that they felt very secure with the process as the broker purchased the account from them first and waited until they confirmed receipt of the funds before they were asked to transfer their accounts.


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If you decide that selling your account is not right for you and you wish to cancel or delete your Amazon seller account, simply log in to your account, go to the settings tab in the upper right corner, click on Account Info, then the link to Close Account and follow the instructions. See the screenshot below for reference.