Amazon Seller Directory 2023

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If you’re looking for an Amazon seller directory, we offer a list of 100,000 sellers that are selling on the USA platform for only $395.

Our directory of Amazon sellers contains the seller business name, street address, storefront url, and 30 day, 90 day, 12 month and lifetime feedback counts.

This is the information that they provided to Amazon and is listed on their seller information page on See the sample image below.

amazon seller directory sample

Emails and phone numbers are not included so this list is best used for direct mail outreach, which is much more effective. In our market tests, we received a 300% higher response rate using direct mail versus sending cold emails or phone calls to Amazon sellers.

All sellers listed in this Amazon seller directory have USA mailing addresses.

There is definitely a sense of legitimacy from direct mail versus email or phone outreach, resulting in a much higher ROI.

This is due to direct mail typically resulting in a 90-95% delivery rate. Since email addresses for Amazon sellers are not publicly listed, any Amazon seller directory that includes them are most likely using email append services.

The email addresses provided from these services are often full of errors and usually only result in about a 30% match rate.

Of that 30%, many of those are invalid. This can result in your outreach efforts going directly into their spam folders, if the email address is even valid. In addition, sending too many emails to addresses that bounce can get your sending domain blacklisted.

Due to these factors, your success rate with emails will be much lower than 30%. With a list of 100,000 sellers, you will most likely reach around 10,000 sellers or less and many of them will not read your email due to the large amount they receive on a daily basis.

Phone numbers provided by sellers are often invalid as well and what we found in our tests is that most of them do not answer or respond to those calls. Phone outreach responses were even lower than email in our tests.

If you would like to purchase our Amazon seller directory, please contact us for more information on how to order. All orders are delivered in an Excel spreadsheet.