Can I Sell My Etsy Shop Or Business – Yes And Here’s What It’s Worth

Selling on Etsy can be a hit or miss experience with varying degrees of success or failure. You might be asking yourself Can I sell my Etsy shop to someone else and pursue other ventures?

The short answer is yes you can sell your Etsy store. However, there are some caveats to selling your Etsy shop. I researched this subject extensively for this project and found a lot of inaccurate information about it online so today we will clear this up for everyone.

I know some of you just want to know where to go to sell your Etsy shop so if you aren’t into reading all of the details, you can submit your information and get an offer here.

For those of you that want the details, here’s everything you need to know.

Can you sell your Etsy shop?

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Yes, you can sell your Etsy shop. When I Googled this subject, all of the search results showed answers that all claimed that you cannot sell your Etsy store. Being the rebel that I’ve always been, I wanted to see if that really was true.

I’m not sure why I always question the norm. I guess it’s a character flaw but I’ve uncovered a lot of secrets over the years by just digging in a bit further and finding out for myself, rather than trusting what’s out there and generally accepted on the subject.

In many cases, I have wasted a lot of my time but in this case, it was well worth it because everyone was wrong. I was able to find one company that buys them but there are some things I discovered during my research and evaluation that you need to know.

What if my Etsy shop is profitable?

If you have a successful Etsy store that is generating monthly net profits that are worth the time you invest in running it, then you should keep it and not sell it.

I checked several business listing websites where successful online businesses are listed for sale. I couldn’t find an Etsy business for sale anywhere, not a single one.

The reason why is because Etsy clearly states that they do not authorize the transfer of Etsy shops. So even if you have an Etsy store that is generating six figures or more in annual net profits, no one will buy it because of the risk involved.

Obviously, the Etsy account would have to be transferred during the sale and even though it is very possible to do that, if Etsy finds out later that the account was transferred, they can possibly suspend and/or terminate the account and the buyer would lose everything.

It’s a very unfortunate situation and Etsy should certainly change that policy because if that same business was on Amazon, it would be worth a minimum of $300,000 but with Etsy, it’s worth nothing.

Well not $0 but close to it based on what it should be worth. See the section below on what your Etsy shop is worth and I’m sure you will agree with me on this one.

So if that’s your situation, just keep selling and hopefully Etsy will change that policy one day.

Can I sell my Etsy shop if it is not profitable or I’m ready to walk away?

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Perhaps your Etsy store is unprofitable or maybe it’s slightly profitable but not worth the time you’re having to put in. Either way, you’re ready to close it up and walk away.

If that’s the case, then you might want to explore the option of selling it. After a lot of searching online, I was able to find only one company that buys them.

They are only interested in the Etsy seller account, not your sales or inventory. So you are only selling your Etsy shop account to them. They do have you remove all of your personal, business and financial information from the account so that nothing tied to you remains.

And they pay you up front through PayPal, which ensures a 100% safe and secure transaction for both parties.

After you have closed or sold your Etsy store, you might want to check out this list of the top 50 best secret websites to make money to get some ideas for your next online venture.

How much is my Etsy shop worth?

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Depending on a few factors such as how old the Etsy shop is, how many seller reviews it has and how recent the last sale was, they offer anywhere from $300 to a maximum of $1,000.

So not a huge payout but certainly better than closing it and walking away with nothing, especially if your Etsy store was not profitable. Maybe you can get some or all of your investment back using that option.

The speed of the transactions are impressive. For sellers who respond and provide the required information quickly, they usually get paid within 1-3 days and complete the entire process within a week or less.

What if I also have an Amazon or Walmart seller account I also want to sell?

These accounts can be worth anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars so in many cases, they are worth much more than an Etsy account.

If you have multiple accounts, you can get a nice payout by selling all of them if that is your situation. It’s interesting because with any other business, if it was not profitable, it’s worth nothing.

But if you have seller accounts across multiple platforms like Etsy, Walmart and Amazon, you can possibly walk away with a $5,000 payout. Most sellers aren’t aware of this and just close up their shops and leave empty handed.


Where do I go to get an offer for my Etsy, Amazon or Walmart store accounts?

Here’s where to go get an offer for your Etsy shop – 

Here’s where you can get an offer for your Amazon seller account – 

And here’s the link to get an offer for your Walmart seller account – 

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So in conclusion, here’s a 3 point summary of my research and findings.

  1. Yes, you can definitely sell your Etsy shop.
  2. It’s worth $300 to $1,000 so it’s a great option if you plan to stop selling on Etsy. It’s not so great of an option if you have a profitable Etsy business. However, if you also have an Amazon and/or Walmart seller account, you can walk away with several thousand dollars if you sell all 3.
  3. There’s only one company that buys them so you only have one option. It’s pretty much a take it or leave it option. On the bright side, at least you don’t have to shop around.


  • Chris Jordan

    I've been selling on Amazon since 2013 as well as several other online streams of income. I love experimenting with new ideas and teaching others how to be financially free.

Chris Jordan

I've been selling on Amazon since 2013 as well as several other online streams of income. I love experimenting with new ideas and teaching others how to be financially free.