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Hi everyone, I’m Chris from Fast Lane Academy and today I’m going to give you an actual honest review of The Amazing Selling Machine or ASM for short, from the perspective of a 7 figure Amazon seller.

We’re also going to talk about affiliate links, bonuses and everything you need to know.

You won’t find an affiliate link for the course beneath this video like you will for pretty much every other ASM review video on YouTube. And what you might find interesting about that is that I am an approved affiliate for ASM. If I post my affiliate link below this video and people buy the course, I would get paid a very nice commission, which is why you see ASM affiliate links under just about every review video on YouTube.

But I don’t actually recommend the course, and here’s why.

It’s not because it’s a bad course. In fact, it’s a really great course. I was actually part of the very first launch of ASM. It’s what I used to build my business to over $100,000 a month in sales. But when I started back then, ASM was the only course available.

But now, there are other courses available that are much lower in cost. You see ASM is currently priced at $5000 but there’s another really great course that’s only $997 and no it’s not a course that I created. It’s very comprehensive and gives you everything you need from just getting started to very advanced strategies, just like ASM.

And here’s the thing. Even though ASM is a great course and I owe them a great deal of my success, the $4000 difference in price is too much of a factor. 6 years ago, we didn’t have a choice but now, there’s other options. If those options were inferior, then that would be different but they’re not. You’ll hear a lot of people say they are inferior, along with offering a lot of worthless bonuses because they want to get the affiliate commission for ASM, but they’re not.

That capital can be used to go towards your inventory because in reality, you need at least $2000 for that first order.

So for that reason, I recommend going with a different course. I’m going to leave a link in the description below and be sure to check that out because it will take you to a special free training where the creator of the course will teach you some of those advanced strategies and give you some free gifts just for watching. You don’t have to buy the course to get all of that free stuff so if nothing else, you definitely want to check that out.

Now here’s the deal with affiliates and bonuses. Pretty much everyone is an affiliate for something, including myself. Their either selling their own course or someone else’s. So I’m not trying to throw everyone under the bus. It takes a lot of resources like time and equipment to produce valuable content and insight. We all have to pay our bills so affiliate relationships are how we do it. You don’t pay any extra when you buy through anyone’s affiliate link so don’t worry. Even YouTube is an affiliate for their advertisers because they have some really big bills to pay.

If you buy the course I recommend below, I will get a small commission for that. But hopefully you appreciate my input and honesty here because I could be making about 10 times more if I put my ASM link down there instead.

And here’s the deal with bonuses. A lot of YouTubers in these ASM review videos will offer these bonus packages if you buy through their link. The main bonus they push is either getting their personal coaching or mentoring on what products you should pick or access to some special system they’ve come up with. But here’s the truth about that.

Most of those bonuses are worthless and here’s why. You can and should do a lot of product research. However, I’ve launched hundreds of products over the last 6 years and I can tell you this from real world experience. You never really know how a product is going to do until you get it live on Amazon.

I’ve had products that I thought were going to be absolute homeruns. On paper, everything looked perfect and I thought they would be six figure products, but they were complete duds.

And I’ve had just the opposite where I thought certain products would just do ok but I wasn’t expecting much out of them and they turned into six figure products. So someone giving you coaching or mentoring on product selection, even from me, isn’t really worth much.

In fact, if you search my channel, I put together a video on how to choose products to sell on Amazon that teaches you how to do that product research the right way based on real data and sales volume on Amazon, not someone’s personal opinion like mine.

So be sure to check that out because it will show you how to eliminate a lot of risk and set yourself up for the best chance for success. But once you’ve picked a product and you’re ready to get started, hopefully after following a really good training course like the one below, and not a bunch of random YouTube videos, you don’t want to order thousands of units and get them all shipped into Amazon.

That’s way too risky. I have a way that you can test those products on Amazon to keep you from getting stuck with thousands of dollars in inventory that you might not be able to sell, which is what a lot of courses and YouTube videos teach.

So what I’ve done is put this secret method in a special training video that’s not available on YouTube or anywhere else. It’s only available to those who buy the training course I recommend through the link below this video.

That’s my special bonus and the reason it’s only available if you buy the course is because I honestly believe that if you’re going to sell on Amazon, you have to have a thorough and up to date training course. Amazon is a lot more competitive than it used to be.

You know we all flash the screenshots of these big sales numbers to get people’s attention and although it’s possible for you to achieve those same numbers, it’s not as easy as a lot of the gurus and experts make it out to be. 3 or 4 years ago, yeah it was easy but it’s a lot more competitive now.

In fact, I have another video I put together on how to sell on Amazon. If you search my channel you can find that as well and in that video, I actually show you how competitive Amazon really is and what can happen to you if you follow the bad advice out there on a lot of outdated YouTube videos and websites. You must have a competitive advantage to be successful on Amazon and you’re only going to get that from a good training course.

So if you pick up the course I recommend below through that link I provided, just email me a copy of your receipt to and one of my staff members will send you that secret strategy video to you within 1 business day.

So that’s it for this review of Amazing Selling Machine. I hope you enjoyed it and got some valuable insight from it. If so, be sure to like this video, drop any comments or questions you might have in the comments below and like I said, be sure to check out the free training even if you have no intention of buying the course. You will at least get some free advanced strategies and some other great freebies he offers.

Thanks for watching and I wish you the best with your Amazon business.


  • Chris Jordan

    I've been selling on Amazon since 2013 as well as several other online streams of income. I love experimenting with new ideas and teaching others how to be financially free.

Chris Jordan

I've been selling on Amazon since 2013 as well as several other online streams of income. I love experimenting with new ideas and teaching others how to be financially free.